Baresco is Open

Baresco’s soft opening was Sunday, and the place was packed. We opted for a Tuesday registration, on opening day. We were greeted by the sweetest hostesses dressed in matching flowy white dresses. The Doods were quite happy to be escorted to the hostess desk to find our table.

We were seated outside, and quickly reviewed the menu. Being from Austin, we told the waiter that we had high expectations of both their margaritas and the guacamole. Our waiter was very friendly and full of humor, which made our evening even more fun!

The menu was marked with gluten-free options, so it was easy to make our decisions.

Scott ordered the Baresco Tradicional margarita and I chose the Mango Tango margarita. After a quick photo, we clinked glasses with a cheers. The tiny beverages at $13 and $15 were a smashing hit. Mine was a tad bit on the sweet side, and came with a delicious, dried mango. Scott’s classic margarita was the cleanest margarita we’ve had in some time. Cheers to that!

The guacamole arrived with the chips and there were no complaints, as we cleared the plate. All the while, both the waiter and training manager were laughing and joking with us. It was such a pleasant experience and we’ll definitely be back for ‘ritas and guac, as we call it in Austin.

For our meal we chose the Enchilada de Pollo, to share. The enchilada was covered with shredded iceberg lettuce, and a sour cream drizzle. It was served with rice and refried beans.

Sitting outside we had a nice view of the ocean and loads of people watching. The Doods, Toby + Dexter, enjoyed the night out and kept a close eye out for lizards and birds.

I talked to the waiter about the beverage prices. He said there was unofficial talk about adding a happy hour. So, let’s stay tuned and hope they’ll add a happy hour menu soon!

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